This page was made to bring peace between the Trumpco and Putco ships once more.

If you want this war to end, please write your user name down below:

  1. Limb Enhancers
  2. Just A Random Potato (I ship neither of them)
  3. Fascisttrash6969 (stfu 🅱itch, ^^ u just 🅱ave no 🅱aste m7 smh)
  4. I love cookies (I still think Putin-senpai is more suitable for Marco-chan than Trump-senpai, since Trump-senpai is way too obsessed with his wall, he rarely thinks about Marco-chan)
  5. LittlePrettyFlower (This violence NEEDS to stop, please for the love of God, there is no need for bloodshed)
  6. Hamisgud (I have a friend who committed suicide because he got harassed by the Trumpco shippers. STOP THIS WAR_
  7. AdaraBlumoon (Putco is the better of the two, obviously, but this fighting is getting out of hand)
  8. PrincessPonyHeadXD (no idea when this happened but ok, whatever I'm supporting)
  9. Captain Sqi (I agree PrincessPonyHeadXD)
  10. Hannahstevens (No idea wh I'm here. Still agree with this)

"If you see others fighting or slandering each other because they disagree on ships, link them to this Peace Treaty page. :)" --Limb Enhancers