Tomkie is the pairing of Tom and Jackie. The two have never formally met however, Jackie was seen staring at Tom in "Blood Moon Ball".

Fandom Popularity Edit

Many find this ship very appealing. People enjoy how this is an opposites attract pairing, with Tom being a fiery, anger-prone demon, and Jackie being a cool skateboarding girl. People also like the idea of Jackie calming Tom down whenever he loses his temper. There are several hints that point to this ship potentially becoming canon; the two characters symbolize "fire and water", both have "Thomas" somewhere in their names, both are hopeless romantics, both like Love Sentence, and both have been love interests of the main characters.

The popularity of the ship increased dramatically after the episode "Sophomore Slump", as Jackie's character in general has become more popular and many have looked for a new boyfriend for her. However, there is still much disagreement in the fandom regarding whether Tomkie or Jantom is more likely.

They are technically the "backups" for Star and Marco. That means that they are technically the next option if something goes wrong with Starco.

Canon ProbabilityEdit

Because the two have never met, the probability is less 1% because there could be a chance Tom could go to Earth with Star and Marco and possibly meet Jackie. It is unknown what the probability would be if they do meet.