About[edit | edit source]

Toffipsa is the ship between the characters Toffee and Eclipsa.

Toffipsa Moments[edit | edit source]

Technically there are none, (in-show, the two characters never meet) but the fandom community and speculation groups suggest that Eclipsa and Toffee may have known each other in the past.

Canon Probability[edit | edit source]

Considering the fact that Toffee is dead, 0% for now. Though, they may have known each other in the past, as Eclipsa’s chapter in the Book of Spells reveals that she has dated a Serptarian before, but it is unknown if this was Toffee. As we saw in one of the episodes toffee had two skulls on his shoulders one of the skulls had spades it was probablyto represent eclipsa

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