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Staree is a pairing between Star and Toffee. The name of the ship itself is a play on words (Staree=Starry)(see "other ship names").

History Edit

Toffee and Star are sworn enemies, and Star destroys (although whether she fully kills him is debated) him in "Toffee." Other than what is shown in the show, Star and Toffee have no history with each other.

Probability Of Canon Edit

The ship sprouts simply, yet oddly from the interactions between the two, such as when Toffee captures Marco and Star comes to his rescue, only coming head-to-head with Toffee in what ends up to be an explosively dramatic scene. Also, another incident is when Star killed Toffee after he had just killed her and brushed everyone else off.
Star duel by offbeatreboot-dbaimpg

Not only that, but the fact that they don't get along causes intrigue and curiosity concerning matters between them. Though it isn't necessarily a ship which is thought to be very likely, it is still something to think about, especially concerning matters of how things between them will turn out, and if their relationship may aid in the effort to bring monsters and mewmans together. Due to Toffee currently being deceased at the time, and also the huge age gap, it is insanely unlikely that this ship will happen.

I Don't Like You - Star x Toffee SVTFOE Animatic

I Don't Like You - Star x Toffee SVTFOE Animatic