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This page was made to bring peace between the Starco and Tomstar ships once more.

If you want this war to end, please write your user name down below:

  1. DecidusRaiken
  2. Anonymous
  3. Snowflake18
  4. AdaraBlumoon
  5. Hamisgud
  6. Majinbuu7985
  7. James Seville
  8. Hamza1543
  9. Gumgum95
  10. Animallover1990
  11. StarcoRises
  12. lovguru23 (i wasnt here when this started, but still. more support is good)
  13. KellyChristina
  14. Leahthetortilla
  15. PrincessPonyHeadXD ( I have no idea what happened but support peace between starco and tomstar)
  16. Jayboi20
  17. INeEdSleEp3754
  18. The leader of the startom shippers that started the war
  19. 474studio/474Studios
  20. Clarkmiester95
  21. Vlinks
  22. CheekyKnob
  23. Starco Lover3
  24. RedLkas
  25. J_C___
  26. Anonymous
  27. Ross77 (Was away when it happened but still I support it)
  28. Anonymous
  29. UnicornDechu (aka Lucky or Strawbery Ramune)
  30. mojo72400
  31. Echoes man
  32. Limb Enhancers
  33. galaxypanda101 ( I don't care what happens, I'll just watch it play though.)
  34. nim
  35. Just A Random Potato (I love both ship, though I prefer Starco a bit more.. But still!)
  36. POPIN ( Honestly I never knew about Tomstar but I ship it along with Starco!)
  37. Goldenkaiser ( Why can’t we all be friends)
  38. The Devil Incarnate ( tbh I prefer tomco lol)
  39. McStarco (I ship both but I ship Starco just a bit more, but I hate the shipping war!!)
  40. TheorizingWolfieDoofus (Honestly, this was stupid even though I was away while the shipping war started)
  41. STARCO KITTY( obviously STARCO!)
  42. Roxysaurusss ( I will always ship Tomstar more then Starco, but I will sign the treaty anyways)
  43. Baymax02
  44. NearKittin20720( we all know who's gonna win#starco)
  45. cookie_loves_hearts (I like both ships so I'm not taking sides!)
  46. Anonymous (I love both ships, I prefer starco but if tomstar became cannon I would be just as happy.)
  47. The Amazing Donk
  48. FoxwhiskerTheCat (Honestly, I just want this war to end.)
  49. AuraBella07 (guys, this war is DUMB, go make a REALITY CHECK before you start ranting about a demon and a warrior-princess from a FAKE UNIVERSE)
  50. TooMemeForYou (plz just stop it guys, ship wars are stupid and a waste of time, it doesn’t matter which ship is cannon, Starco or Tomstar, just take it out on your pillow or something if your ship loses, don’t waste your time starting an online ship war with some random fan.)
  51. YoshiFanX54321 (A shipping war? I didn't see that coming; I highly doubt this show would get the iCarly treatment, but I would be surprised if they did. Star Butterfly is one of my favorite Disney girls.)
  52. FanPoppy (chill!)
  53. NHENSON13(Guys, this ship war is more like a *Shit* war, so stop fighting... And Subscribe to me on YouTube! I'm Princess Cressida Butterfly! I upload all kinds of vids! Starco & Tomstar! And yes! I do take suggestions! I make vids for all my subscribers! And love you all!...
  54.  StarFan18 (NOT the one on tumblr, I'm xanotherxdimensionx on there. feel free to send requests n things!)
  55. JustParticipating (Just participating)
  56.  Subarunic (Even though i'm not very into star vs shipping This fighting is out of control! please stop the hostility! it doesn't effect real life!)
  57. PastorizeYumurta (Less fighting, more mememing!)
  58. Iorpim
  59. Captain Sqi (Starco is STILL my OTP tho.)
  60. Hannahstevens (Stop the fricking war!)
  61. Anonymous
  62. Anon167 (I still like Tomstar better but this shipping war just has to stop)
  63. StarcoShipper436 (Starco is still my OTP)
  64. OneWarrior05 (Starco is THE one true ship for the show, but if Tomstar wants peace, I am willing to offer it)
  65. JanekPolak (I Love Starco for life but I want this war to end)
  66. _Hearrrrt_
  67. Thebeautifullazuli
  68. Millyischilly
  69. ElijahJDoodler (Well, Starco (aka my OTP) is canon and I'm happy, and I might not like Tomstar, but I think it's time the war comes to an end.)
  70. Batstick
  71. FoxontheFoxy (Stop fighting of ship and make a decision. Although I love Starco but I want the ship war is end)
  72. Reese101 (This war needs to end lmao)
  73. Trotg (Personally I prefer Starco but whatever)
  74. WillowWalls
  75. Bitchlasagnabitchlasagna111 (war has ended lol)
  76. FOX(Although I'm for STARCO, I hate it when people start wars over ships. But, lol, we won. I feel sorry for you, shippers Startom.)
  77. Suncup
  78. PandaTheFan-da

But seriously stop fighting... Well... What are you still doing here?... Bye.. I guess...)

"If you see others fighting or slandering each other because they disagree on ships, link them to this Peace Treaty page. :)" --AdaraBlumoon

79. PandaLover3939 - Really why is there even a war? Starco rules and is canon! Eat it you Tomstar suckers! Starco forever!

80. StarcoRulesTomstarDrools - The war is stupid. Starco is the best ship. It is the canon ship. SO BACK OFF YOU TOMSTAR IDIOTS!

81. Jafeth.exe Note: I'm from #TeamStarco, and I've supported my ship in this ship war throughout the series, but now is the time to make amends. So take my signature.

82. Myxozoa - I'm just an Alphonse x Solaria hardcore shipper.

83. Julayla - Gonna be honest: The shipping wars are getting out of hand and I wanted it to stop. It's bad enough there are some people doing a Starco vs Jarco fights, but this is beyond ridiculous. I think all three of the ships are highly overrated, even though I do like the three in some aspects. And honestly, I'm more of a Globgor x Eclipsa and Tofficore (Toffee x Rasticore) shipper myself.