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Starco, also known as Marar, is the romantic pairing of Star Butterfly and Marco Diaz.


In the episode "Blood Moon Ball", Star and Marco's souls were joined under the light of the Blood Moon, which, according to demon lore, "selects two lucky souls, binding them together for eternity in its hypnotic, ruby brodum." Episodes "Sleepover", and "Bon Bon the Birthday Clown", both confirmed that Star has a crush on Marco, but Marco doesn't seem to reciprocate her feelings. Additionally, Star became extremely jealous when Marco and Jackie went on a date in "Bon Bon the Birthday Clown" to the point where her spells went out of control, further showing Star's true feelings for Marco. Then after that in "Starcrushed", Star confesses her crush to Marco after Toffee returns but Marco doesn’t have a chance to respond before she flees the room, so his thoughts are currently unknown. He goes to Mewni to find Star as she went back to Mewni and he helps in the battle against Toffee. After that, Marco returns to Earth as he and Star part ways. In the following episodes, Marco comes to live on Mewni after not being able to adjust to life back on Earth and let Star go. In "Sophomore Slump", Jackie sees him still being attached to Mewni and breaks up with him, realising that his friendship with Star is more important than their relationship and that he would be happier in Mewni than in Echo Creek.

Beach day sunrise.jpg

In "Lava Lake Beach", after having a talk with Tad, Marco realises that he has feelings for Star, but feels that he may be too late because Star is in a relationship. After the events of Lava Lake Beach, Star and Marco's friendship is seen to come to a strain. In "Booth Buddies" Marco relents and explains that the real difference between the past and present photos is that the past photos were taken before Star's confession in "Starcrushed". Despite his efforts to not think about it again, he says he can't keep pretending things aren't different now. Star is unsure what he means, but when he says things are different for him specifically, Star realises he's now confessing his feelings for her. They sit in silence before joking about how their guts feel, and Marco admits he feels better having talked about it. With the money they have left, Marco says he knows what kind of photo the booth wants. In the final reel, Marco turns to look at Star, she returns his gaze, and they kiss, meaning that Star has cheated on Tom. At the end of the episode Star is shown quickly grabbing the reel of photos which shows Star and Marco's cheeks are glowing. As the episode ends the Blood Moon is shown in the sky symbolizing their bonding of their souls. During the live chats, after having fans using the term Starco, due to Star and Marco unaware of the term, the pair believes that “it’s probably just a way of putting our names together so it’s faster.”

Towards the end of Season 4, Star and Marco's relationship is taken to a whole new level as they face new challenges in the face of both of them being aware of their feelings for each other. After "Curse of the Blood Moon", Star realizes that her feelings for Marco weren't caused because of the Blood Moon Cure but instead were her own true feelings. After Star and Tom break up Star takes up an opportunity to be open with her future relationship with Marco in the episode "Here to Help". Star remembers Marco's confession of love to her when they were in the Realm of Magic and brings it up, which opens up the conversation to which Marco reveals he has been in love with Star since they first met. After they each confess their love for each other, they share their first genuine kiss since "Booth Buddies" and become a couple for the first time in the show's history.

Starco Moments

These moments include some subtle moments such as hugs and compliments but can be interpreted as romantic interest:

  • In "Star Comes to Earth", Star and Marco hugged after Marco asked Star to stay with his family on Earth. This is now confirmed to be the start of the ship, with Marco emphasising in "Here To Help" that he had such feelings for Star right from the start, which is widely perceived to be this hug at the end of the episode.
  • In "The Other Exchange Student", Marco compliments Star saying that she's his favourite foreign exchange student. Star is also seen staring at a girl (in the exchange photos) trying to kiss Marco, however this could be a stretch.
  • Marco calls Star "The coolest girl (he) knows" in "Cheer Up Star", making her smile. At the end of the episode, Star hugs him only for them to be stuck together due to her syrup spell.
  • At the beginning of the episode "Quest Buy", Marco and Star are seen bickering about the state of the bathroom, Marco stating that he wants his side to be cleaner, some have said they're arguing like an old married couple, but many people also think this behavior makes them seem more like siblings.
  • At the beginning of "Mewberty", Star becomes infatuated for a moment as she looks at Marco.
  • Near the end of "Mewberty", Marco cries when he thinks Star is gone at the end of the episode only to have her return, much to his happiness, and right after, share another heartfelt hug.
  • In "Sleep Spells", Star dresses up as Marco, when Marco says to act like someone close to her. At the end of the episode, they have a moment where Star tells Marco to not worry about how many times who saved who because they will "always have each other's backs."

    Star and Marco are caught in the blood moon's hypnotic, ruby brodum, binding their souls together for eternity.

  • In the episode "Blood Moon Ball", Marco acts abnormally when Star goes to the Blood Moon Ball with her ex, Tom. There has been much debate on whether this is due to jealousy, or over-protectiveness.
  • In "Blood Moon Ball", Marco compliments Star's attire, saying she looks amazing In awe.
  • During "Blood Moon Ball", Star and Marco engage in ballroom dance (albeit accidentally), without Star knowing it was Marco for half the dance because of the mask he was wearing at the time. During the Blood Moon Waltz, Star looked almost love-struck until Marco removed his mask.
  • Near the end "Blood Moon Ball", after going home, Marco apologises for not trusting her with Tom. Star says "Well... it wasn't a total disaster. Now I know you can dance," to Marco while taking his sombrero and looking at him, in a way that can easily be interpreted as flirtatious.
  • Near the end of ’’Blood Moon Ball’’, there is a funny, yet a romantic excitement scene occurred. Star and Marco said the same words at the same time resulting of them being shocked and after a few moments, both of them laughed at what happened.
  • In addition to all of this, Star and Marco's souls were said to be "bound together for eternity" according to Blood Moon Legend because of their dance and they will know if one of them is in a dangerous situation as shown in many episodes. This curse has been broken as of "Curse of the Blood Moon." which means whatever feelings that they feel towards each other after that moment are completely genuine and not influenced by this demonic curse.
  • In "Freeze Day", Star and Marco enjoy 60 hours because of Star stopping time.
  • Star is angered that St. Olga's Reform School for Wayward Princesses tried to brainwash Marco.
  • In "Mewnipendance Day", Star deems Marco 'her general' while casting roles for her skit.
  • During "Marco Grows a Beard", Star teased him calling him cute after giving him a beard.

    Star and Marco hug after Star destroys her wand for the first time.

  • During the events of "Storm The Castle", Star willingly gives up her wand so that she can save Marco. Star and Marco run up to the broken magic wand. They gaze at it, then look at each other, and hug.
  • In "My New Wand!", while Marco is stuck in Star's closet, he reads Star's journal. At some point, he reaches a chapter called "My Thoughts on Marco". At this point, Star starts to panic then immediately "Dips Down" to prevent him from knowing what was inside. Although, it has not yet been revealed what was written in that chapter of her journal, a lot of people speculated that she was hiding some feelings for Marco or at least it has something she REALLY did not want Marco to see.
  • In "Mr. Candle Cares", Tom tries to trick Star into going out with him (in an extremely roundabout way) by planting a counsellor to cut off Marco from Star. The plot to end "Starco" is found out by Marco, so he tries to claim that him and Star are "smooch buddies". This leads to his kidnapping by Tom, and through a lengthy session of ping-pong to the death, Marco convinced Tom that he can't trick Star into loving him. The episode purposefully teased the audience with the "smooch buddies" clip in the Season 2 preview and acknowledged "Starco" as an actual term.

    In the episode “Star on Wheels”,Marco is seen holding on to Star's waist after hugging and being relieved that Star is safe.

  • In "Star on Wheels", Star relies on Marco for help on teaching her how to ride a bike. At the end of the episode Marco is shown hugging Star, happy that she wasn't hurt from riding the bike. As Oscar and Glossaryck walk towards Star and Marco, Marco is shown holding Star's waist after breaking apart from their hug. It has been speculated that it was an animation error, but it is just as likely intentional. Also, it is worth mentioning that Star called Marco her hero as she was riding the bike. This has been comically portrayed in contrast to when she said that she "didn't need a hero" in Blood Moon Ball.
  • In "Wand to Wand", when Star is having trouble controlling her wand and accidentally uses "negative power", it eventually puts Marco in danger. This triggers her to switch back to "positive power" and she saves Marco.
  • At the end of "Starstruck", Star and Marco are seen watching the sunset together.
  • At the beginning of "Camping Trip", Star questions Marco if it was just going to be the two of them camping together to which Marco asks if it's okay.
  • During the episode "Camping Trip", Marco tells Star that he wanted to show her the geyser because she had shown him otherworldly, amazing things, to which Star and her dad feel touched by his actions.
  • At various points in "Camping Trip", Star's dad publicly assumes in front of them that they were dating twice in the episode. Marco protests against it and Star doesn't respond to her dad's assumptions.
  • In "Sleepover", during the "Truth Or Punishment" Game, Star is explaining that she and her friends are not really lying and says "You think you know how you feel

    Star truthbombs the Truth or Punishment cube

    about something, but then it changes." She then glances at Marco. This can be a hint saying that all she thought of Marco was that he was her best friend, but that changed. In the end, after everyone leaves, Star yells his name after him as he walks to his room, loud enough for the (assumed broken) game to hear. The box then says, "Truth. Star Butterfly has a crush on.." before being crushed in the garbage truck. This greatly implies she now has a crush on Marco and either knows it or hasn't realized it yet. Also, Star looks somewhat upset as she looks at Marco's expression as he stares after Jackie.
  • In "Gift of the Card", As the card approaches them once again, both Star and Marco look at each other and both say "Goodbye Star/Marco" while they are holding hands.
  • In "Bon Bon the Birthday Clown", Star seemed to look at Marco in a lovingly way when he was in the suit. She might've been happy for him, but it also could have been that she thought that he was cute.

    Star using the "all seeing eye" spell to spy on Marco whilst Jackie teaches him how to skateboard. She is then seen to have a jealous expression and uses magic uncontrollably to make them fall.

  • In "Bon Bon the Birthday Clown", Marco gets worried about Star instead of being happy and/or celebrating his first kiss with Jackie after remembering the blood moon from "Blood Moon Ball".
  • In "Bon Bon the Birthday Clown", Marco refuses to let go of Star's hand even when knowing that this would surely cause them both to be sucked into a dark hole.
  • In "Bon Bon the Birthday Clown", Marco hugs a crying Star after saving her being sucked into the dark hole.
  • In "Raid the Cave", when Marco asks Star "Since when did she know a spying spell," Star nervously answers "Since I... learned it! A while ago. You weren't there!" while she actually used it to spy on Marco during Bon Bon The Birthday Clown.
  • In Marco's live chat, he says that he has felt strange since the blood moon ball. He also seems jealous when talking about Tom and Star.
  • In Marco's live chat, he says that Star is his best friend, they laugh a lot, and she's gotten him into trouble as much as she's gotten him out of trouble. He also says that Star is the best girl a guy could ever ask for.
  • In "Trickstar", Marco tries to feed Star cake.
  • In "Baby", Marco hugs Star after congratulating her on doing well with the examination.
  • In "Running with Scissors", Marco hunts after Hekapoo for sixteen years in order to get scissors for Star, proving that he has an extreme devotion to her.
  • In "Running with Scissors", Star gets an awestruck look in her face when she looks at Marco, probably due to the abs that he got while training for 16 years.
  • In "Running with Scissors", Marco chooses Star over power and a perfect life.
  • In "Running with Scissors", Star pokes Marco's belly, causing him to blush.
  • In "The Bounce Lounge", Star hugs Marco and does a small dance with him.
  • In "Crystal Clear", Star feeds Marco cereal.
  • In "Just Friends", Star, Marco and Jackie go to a concert together, where Star see Jackie and Marco kissing. Due to being heavily bothered by this, she later fires a bolt of green magic at a billboard with a blank smile on her face. Combined with the song lyrics of both "Just Friends" and "Too Little Too Late", this strongly implies that Star has feelings for Marco and furthermore is heartbroken by his relationship with Jackie.
  • In "Face the Music", Star and Marco share a rather long hug.

    Star starts crying after confessing to Marco, who initially had no reaction to it.

  • In "Face the Music", Ruberiot adds to the song that Star loves Marco, making the two of them clearly uncomfortable around each other.
  • In "Starcrushed", Star and Marco hug after a discussion about Song Day.
  • In "Starcrushed", Star confesses to Marco that she has a crush on him.
  • In "Starcrushed", Marco chases after Star before she left Earth.
  • In the 3rd live chat, Marco says that he's not sure about his feelings, but he is doing his best to find a way to find Star.
  • In "The Battle for Mewni Part I: Return to Mewni", it is shown that Marco has entered a state of depression following Star's abrupt absence.
  • In "The Battle for Mewni Part I: Return to Mewni", Marco was willing to stay up extremely late while waiting for Star.
  • In "The Battle for Mewni Part I: Return to Mewni", when Marco's mother asks him if he would like some "Captain Blanch's Sugar Seeds", Marco sadly remarks that Star loved Sugar Seeds before collapsing face-down on the counter and turning up the sad music he was listening to prior.
  • In "The Battle for Mewni Part I: Return to Mewni", Star is shown watching Marco through her wand via the Spying Spell, adorning a crestfallen expression. His hood is around her head. Also, she remarks once the Spying Spell ended, "Why do you have to be such a cute idiot?" when Marco can't find the Sugar Seeds box.
  • In "The Battle for Mewni Part I: Return to Mewni", after Star and Queen Moon safely secure themselves in the Sanctuary, Queen Moon tears off a piece of Marco's hoodie to bandage one of Star's wounds. This causes her to react with a jolt and a harsh "What are you doing?!".
  • In "The Batlle for Mewni Part VII: Toffee", after Star is put in prison by Ludo, she hears someone beating up the guards outside her door. The door opens, revealing somebody adorning a mouse costume. Marco takes off the costume, to which Star exclaims his name. He shouts "Star!" as he runs over to unchain her.

    Star hugging Marco after being uncuffed.

  • In "The Battle for Mewni Part VII: Toffee", when Marco unchains Star, he begins to tell her how happy he is to see her, only for her to immediately embrace him. He doesn't return the hug for a moment, whispering that her horned headband was poking him. She whispered back to take them off, which he did, showing us a cute hug with Marco's head atop hers.
  • In "The Battle for Mewni Part VII: Toffee", when Marco is presenting his and the Resistance's plan to take out Ludo, Star tells them that what they're doing is "super admirable", and that Marco has never looked cuter in a beret, to which he smiles.
  • In "The Battle for Mewni Part VII: Toffee", after Star begins the Whispering Spell, Queen Moon, Marco, and Buffrog jump onto a balcony to the left of hers and Ludo's. As the green-colored ghost of a unicorn floats above Star's head, she looks at him and says sorry as her eyes gloss over with tears. Marco is wearing a shocked expression all the while.
  • In "The Battle for Mewni Part VII: Toffee", when Star returns in her "Dipped Down" form, Marco watches on in first awe, then joy at having her alive. When Toffee is killed, Marco tackles her into a hug along with Queen Moon and Buffrog.
  • In the beginning of "Scent of a Hoodie", Marco and Star share a very emotional hug and lengthen the goodbye before Marco finally does leave Mewni. They're both seen sad about departing from each other.

    Star and Marco hug before Marco returns to Earth.

  • In "Scent of a Hoodie", when Star realises that she doesn't need Marco's hoodie to still hold onto a piece of him, she returns the Hoodie to Marco, to which he puts it on. He then sniffs it, saying "Hm, kind of smells like Star," takes a brief pause, and then continues to smell the hoodie.
  • In "Sweet Dreams," when Star asks Marco to look after her when she sleeps so she won't morph into her Butterfly form again, Marco is stubborn to agree, but Star uses his position as her squire as leverage. Briefly, after a failed attempt of preventing a transformation, Marco chains himself to Star while she is sleeping, and when the two are thrown into a dimensional abyss, Star avoids the portal that would allow her to escape, in hopes to not abandon Marco. Lastly, Marco as Star did with him in the episode, "Princess Turdina" tries to get her to confess about her issues controlling her powers, in somewhat of a maternal gesture, resulting in an awkward confrontation as Marco is angered by Star’s refusal to accept his dimensional scissors when sleeping, and him watching her anyways, even when being advised not to.
  • In "Lava Lake Beach," Tad tells Marco that he has feelings for his best friend, but he doesn't want to admit it, seeing other couples and being depressed due to the fact, only to stumble upon Star and Tom kissing, which causes his eyes to glisten, suggesting that he knows he missed his opportunity to be closer with Star and is deeply saddened by the fact, and recovers by bonding with Kelly at the end of the episode.
  • In "Deep Dive" Star told Marco that he was her lifeline.
  • In "Deep Dive" When Star entered the magic realm and lost the signal, Marco was worried and panicked to the point where he had to use Star's wand to cast the All Seeing Eye spell.
  • Star and Marco sharing a hug after Star returned from the Magic Realm.

    In "Deep Dive" Star (in her butterfly form) and Marco shared a hug (while blushing) after she returned from the Realm of Magic.
  • In “Monster Bash” When Tom said he and Star should be cuddling Marco looked jealous, muttering “eww...”
  • In “Stump Day” Star clings to Marco after hearing the Stump Day Story
  • In “Stump Day” Marco says Tom is a bad boyfriend for forgetting Star’s birthday. They then proceed to fight about it. At the end of the episode, Star reaches for Marco's hand. They are holding hands for most of the episode afterward.
  • In "Is Another Mystery," Star wanted Marco to go with her to find Buff Frog, showing she wanted to search for Buff Frog with him and not Tom.
  • In "Marco Jr." Star is able to answer all 200 questions about Marco, proving how much she knows him.
  • In “Marco Jr.” Star is relieved that Marco turns back to normal. She then tackles him in a hug and tells him he is beautiful again. They hold hands for a brief moment.

    Star and Marco kissing inside the photo booth.

  • In “Booth Buddies”, Marco vaguely confesses his feelings for Star.
  • In "Booth Buddies" Star and Marco share their first kiss together. Later in the episode, it is shown that the Blood Moon had appeared after they exit the booth and leave.
  • In "Booth Buddies" during the final frames when Star grabs the photo of the pair kissing you can clearly see both Star's cheek marks and Marco's cheek marks are glowing. This could mean many things since their souls are [were] bonded together.

Star and Marco hugging just before carrying out their plans to stop Meteora and save Queen Moon. When Star's door is opened they quickly break apart and blush.

  • In "Divide", after Marco proves himself worthy of leading a patrol to distract Meteora, Star and Marco share a hug, then both briefly when a royal chef walks in and they awkwardly pretend it wasn't romantic.
  • In "Conquer" Star cried when she saw Marco did not survive Meteora's coming.
  • In "Conquer" when Tom brings Marco back to Mewni, Star seems to pay a lot of attention to Marco and barely any to Tom.

    Star and Marco gazing at each other after the defeat of Meteora.

  • In "Conquer", near the end, Star dives and catches Marco from falling from the air and the pair share an emotional hug and Tom joined in later.
  • In "Butterfly Follies", Star jumps out a window to retrieve her purse. The purse opens and Star and Marco's beach day picture starts to slip out. She catches her purse while Marco pulls her back up. Star was willing, and without hesitation, to jump out the window to catch the picture.

    The beach day photo that falls out of Star's purse.

  • In "Butterfly Follies" Star tells Marco that their Beach Day photo is from the future, foreshadowing that they may get together.
  • In "Ransomgram", when Star and Marco go to the Neverzone, Adult Marco comes out of the portal, to which Star reacts and says “Abs Dimension!”, while having dreamy eyes and blushing.
  • In "Ransomgram", Marco accepts to help the demons to rebuild their castle, then Star cries and says: “Oh Marco, you are like... so hot right now!”, to which Marco replies: “I know.”
  • In "Ransomgram", when Marco gets back from the "Neverzone" after he tells Star what did he did back there, Star hugs Marco and says: ”Aww, welcome home, Yammy.”
  • In "Kelly's World" Marco admits to Kelly he has feelings for Star.
  • In "Curse Of The Blood Moon" Marco says that he loves everything about Star and that he thinks she is adorable.
  • In "Curse Of The Blood Moon" Marco and Star admit to loving dancing at The Blood Moon Ball and holding hands, and when they finish dancing, Star says “What if it was never the Blood Moon?”,

    Star and Marco dance once more under the Blood Moon's light.

    referring to the possibility that they have feelings for each other without the Blood Moon.
  • Star pulls Marco into an affectionate hug in "The Knight Shift".
  • In "The Knight Shift" Star and Marco sit on a tower. The capes that they have made for each other, their shadows and their heads put together form a heart shape, suggesting romance.

    Star and Marco hug after dancing to see if they still may have feelings for each other.

    Star and Marco watching the sunrise while their capes form a heart.

  • In "Doop-Doop", Star is sad to see Marco go.
  • In "Britta's Tacos", Star goes back to Earth to stay with Marco. They reconcile and hang out at Britta's tacos which was a usual spot for them to eat together. The many friends who greet them think that Marco went to live with Star on Mewni and came back with a baby which they believe is Star and Marco's baby but is instead Mariposa. This also leads to the general idea that Star and Marco are a couple among all of their friends from Echo Creek.
  • In "Beach Day", Star and Marco are hanging out on the couch together eating pancakes. When they get to the beach, they hang out together and do various beach activities such as playing with the beach ball together and Star burying Marco under the sand making him into a mermaid. Once their beach day photo is taken and Star confronts Father Time, she gives her past self the beach day photo as a happy reminder to her which shows how much her friendship with Marco means to her. As the episode closes, Star and Marco watch the sunset together on the beach. Marco comforts Star with her decision about giving the beach day photo up and they fly away back home together.
  • In "Jannanigans", Tom tells Marco that he is okay with Star and Marco becoming something more than just best friends, telling him that what he and Star have is better than a curse. This seemingly makes Marco come to a realisation that he still has feelings for Star, causing him to drop tennis balls and not be able to form a sentence when she comes close.

    Star and Marco state that they both "like each other" after they have finished playing in the magic.

  • In "Mama Star", Marco accidentally tells Star that he loves her while losing his memories. Star overhears this and smiles.
  • In "Mama Star", Star and Marco play in the Realm of Magic after losing their memories, then say that they like each other at the same time, even if at that moment in time, they were amnesiac at that moment in time, truly showing how attracted they are to one another.

    Star and Marco agree to mother and father a lost little warnicorn

  • In "Mama Star", Marco and Star tell a lost unicorn that they can be its family as they glance at each other and hold hands, Marco saying that "he’d like that".
  • In "Mama Star", Marco asks Star if they can have "a thousand babies".
  • In “The Right Way” Star hugs Marco and tells him she wants to “carry him in her pocket“, referencing what Marco said to her in “Mama Star”. She also asks to listen to his heartbeat, and doing so, can immediately tell that something was wrong, proving the strong bond that they share.
  • In "Here to Help" Marco confirms that he loves Star. They then share a kiss, and Star says that she loves Marco as well.
  • In "The Tavern at the End of the Multiverse" Star refers to Marco as her boyfriend. She also emotionally broke down, saying that he belongs with her when noticing that he was not in her tapestry depicting her future.
  • In "Cleaved", Star goes back to the destroyed Realm of Magic to go back to Marco. She finds Marco still there and they accept the fact that they may have had to stay there forever together.

    Star and Marco gaze at each other before saying their last words of the Series.

  • In "Cleaved" Star says she doesn't care what happens to them in the Realm of Magic. She then tells Marco, "with or without magic", Marco then finishes her sentence by saying- "we belong together". Both of their cheek marks then light up. This shows that they would rather die together than be cleaved apart from one another, never to see each other again.
  • In "Cleaved", a portal created by Star and Marco's love for each other opens up and created the explosion that cleaves Mewni and Earth together forever.

Canon Probability

While it seems likely for Starco to be canon, it is safe to say these two have and will sustain a healthy friendship to some degree, no matter their relationship status. Regardless of all the ship teasing the show and the creators still like to throw at the fans, there is hope to believe that these two could become more. Now that Jackie has broken up with Marco, he is single again. There is also the inclusion of the Blood Moon in many episodes. Although the curse has been broken, it has teased at Starco for a lengthy time now. Although the relationship with Tom and Star put a snag on the ship, there's reason to believe Star’s feelings for Marco are still unchanged, as to her using Tom as a way to get over her crush at the idea that he will never feel the same. Especially since Star and Tom broke up in Sad Teen Hotline, a new possibility for canon Starco has opened. The way Star acted towards Marco when he came to Mewni could only make sense if she still had feelings for him. She pushed him away to be a laundry squire so she could try and forget those feelings in peace, but after realising Tom won't be the same as Marco, she made Marco her squire so they could go back to the way things were and just hang out as friends, and Marco being her squire made it so Star had control of Marco's actions and ensure that she would not feel emotionally hurt again. Although fans are disappointed in yet another love triangle, there’s reason to believe that this is necessary and that we will now be one step closer to a romantic pursuit between them. In the episode Monster Bash, it is shown that Tom and Star are spending less and less time together, ending in their breakup. Furthermore, in Booth Buddies Marco revealed his feelings to Star and at the end of the episode, they shared a kiss, still dealing with the after-effects of it. Also, when Marco confessed to Tom in the Season 3 finale of him kissing Star, he surprisingly didn't erupt into a fit of rage but instead took it well and even hugged Marco and Star at the end of the episode. This could be seen as him becoming more mature and accepting the fact that he will no longer be in a relationship with Star (as of Sad Teen Hotline they are broken up) but still would be on good terms with both her and Marco. Small things, such as Star suggesting their feelings weren't from the Blood Moon Curse, point to the possibility of Starco. Especially with Marco's confession to Star in Mama Star, it seems that Starco has great possibility to be the main endgame ship of Star vs. the Forces of Evil. With the most recent episodes, Star and Marco are now a canonical couple by the end of "Here To Help" and their relationship as a couple so far is overwhelmingly positive with the sheer closeness that they shared in the next few episodes.

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