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StarTom is the canon pairing between Star Butterfly and Tom Lucitor. This pairing was previously canon, the two dated in the past and broke up, and have done it again. People enjoy this ship and the mewman/monster dynamic behind it, as well as seeing them rekindle their relationship as they grow into better people because of it.

History[edit | edit source]

Star and Tom used to date, Tom even calling Star "Starship" affectionately. When they broke up, this angered Tom, so he sought to get her back, even going to lengths such as taking anger management classes and a bunny to pet.

When he invited Star to the Blood Moon Ball, a dance that happens every 667 years, Star at first declined, but, seeing Tom had changed, accepted his invitation.

Star and Tom at the Blood Moon Ball.

The two did not have fun- Star refused his gift of a demon headpiece, and Tom blew his fuse when he saw Star dancing with another guy (later revealed to be Marco) under the blood moon, also known as the Moon of Lovers.

After the Blood Moon Ball disaster, in "Mr. Candle Cares", Tom used Mr. Candle, Star, Marco, and other Echo Creek Academy students' guidance counselor, to get to Star and Marco to make sure "Starco" wouldn't become a thing. Marco found this out and convinced Tom that he'll never get Star if he keeps on trying to ruin her life like this. Star punches Tom, but in the end, she seems to forgive him and isn't too angry at him after he tells her the truth. She's even cool about him and Marco spending time together.

In "Friendenemies", Star and Tom didn't interact much, but Star didn't seem too pleased to see him. She was perfectly fine letting him and Marco hang out though and trusts Tom enough with her best friend that she was the one who even convinced Marco to spend time with him for the rest of the day.

Star and Tom dancing together at the Silver Bell Ball in the episode "Club Snubbed".

In "Club Snubbed", Tom is ignoring Star at the Silver Bell Ball, a traditional royal dance on Mewni. It's revealed that Tom was trying to give Star space because he assumed that she was dating Marco. He perks up slightly after she denies this. When they begin to dance, in order to calm down Dave and River, they slowly ease into it and have fun together. Flames appear around Tom's feet and Butterflies and pink magic form around Star's as they dance, resulting in an array of beautiful colors as they fly into the air together. Tom asks Star if she wants to go out and get a cornshake with him sometime, and she agrees. The episode ends with the two laughing together and Star smiling at him.

In "Demoncism", Star is eager for her next meeting with Tom, only to find out from Pony Head that Tom is about to undergo a dangerous procedure called a Demoncism (A painful magical procedure that would practically wipe Tom's personality). Star panics, and through Pony Head's ex, they manage to find out where it's taking place. Star tries to talk Tom out of it, but he tells her he really wants this procedure, that she's doing better as a princess and he wants to be a better prince. Tom tells her that this will fix him, and remove all his problems so he can get better. Star storms off, unable to convince him out of it, and goes off to punch a tree. The ritual starts and Tom seems calm about it until he glows all blue and blue fire erupts everywhere, scaring off some of the Demoncists.

Star holding on to Tom during his "Demoncism".

Star sees the fire and comes to save him, only to find out she can't save him with her magic, she instead holds onto him, telling him that she's here, and waits the rest of the procedure out with him. Tom wakes up in pain, only to be heart-broken finding out he's not cured, and he might be an evil demon forever. But Star assures him that he's doing his best, and that's all that matters. She then says he can get better, even with those little guys inside of him. Tom gives up on the procedure and he and Star leave to hang out with matching pinwheels. Pony Head then points out that they were holding hands and didn't even notice.

In the episode "Lint Catcher", Star and Tom seemed to be playing games and singing about burritos together in her room before Marco came. Later in the episode, Marco asks if Star and Tom are a thing and she says yes, making the ship officially canon again.

In "Starfari", they are briefly shown shopping together at an outdoor store, Star also defends Tom when she confronts Dr. Jelly when she speaks of a "Monster that can't even buy a pre-ripped T-Shirt".

Tom and Star are practically on a date in "Lava Lake Beach", they make each other marshmallows, play volleyball against beach bullies, Star rides on Tom's shoulders, Tom calls her his girlfriend, and

Star and Tom sharing a kiss in "Lava Lake Beach". This is their first on-screen kiss.

Star even gives Tom one of Marco's spare hoodies. They shared their first on-screen kiss in "Lave Lake Beach" near the end, and based on their poses Star was the one who probably initiated it.

In "Monster Bash" Tom unfreezes the punch bowl that Star's tongue is stuck to. Tom then asks Star to dance, to which she declines because she has to focus on the party. When Tom goes in for the kiss, Star asks "What are you doing?" and Tom says he was being romantic and kissing her. Star then acts like she's going to kiss him and blows a bunch of air into his mouth.

Star and Tom holding each other affectionately in "Monster Bash".

Shortly after she kisses him repeatedly on the cheek, Tom said he missed that and asks her once again to dance to which she blows him a kiss and says they will dance later.

Later, Star goes to Tom for help finding the missing monsters and Tom suggests they cuddle instead. In the latter part of the episode, Tom apologizes to Star for whatever he did wrong. Star states that she is kinda busy which causes Tom to notice Mina Lovebery. The two of them proceed to fight Mina together. Towards the end of the episode, Tom comes to Star's side to give her a warm drink and comfort her about her party being destroyed.

In "Stump Day", Tom shows up for Star's surprise party. He finds Star's belief in the stump to be really adorable although he didn't believe in it himself at the time. Marco accuses him of not planning anything for Star and forgetting her birthday, which leads to a fight. However, Star makes it clear earlier in the episode she would not have wanted Tom or anyone to throw a party for her anyway since she actually celebrates her birthday on an entirely different day; this is further backed up by Tom stating the only reason he didn't do anything was because he was aware Star wouldn't want him to and was respecting her wishes on that matter. Star frustratingly rejects both of them during the fight, however, not really caring who is right or wrong but rather just wanting them to stop altogether. Both Star and Tom can be seen dancing together by the end of the episode, the recent near-death experience between everyone allowing them all to make amends with no hard feelings.

In “Is Another Mystery”, Star and Tom are shown together on Star's balcony. Star is ranting and then when she states that she doesn't feel like she can talk to anyone Tom tells her that she can talk to him because 'That's what boyfriends do.' Star is about to open up to Tom when Marco interrupts the moment.

Tom and Star sharing a hug after Tom comforts Star about the Monsters departing Mewni in the episode "Is Another Mystery".

When Star leaves to get her wand Tom asks Marco if he can go with Star instead of him because Marco just interrupted their moment and he wanted to spend more time with Star himself. Marco agrees (by throwing Glossaryck down the stairs) and says that Tom can go with Star on the hunt instead. Star doesn't care and just tells Tom to get on Cloudy and go. While Tom is initially not interested much in the hunt for Buffrog, he still helps her look until the two get captured by a group of monsters. They attempt to escape but are unsuccessful till Buff Frog himself saves them. Buff frog and his gang of monsters attempt to leave but Tom tells them they can't leave and protests for Star's actions to help them. Star is touched by this speech even though in the end it doesn't convince the monsters to stay. They hug at the end and tom gives her hope that there's hope for the monsters.

In Booth Buddies, Tom and Star can be seen hanging out together.

Star and Tom together at Ruberiot and Foolduke's wedding in "Booth Buddies".

In Divide/Conquer, Tom is apart of Marco's team to help take down Meteora. Though Marco admits to kissing Star while Tom is still with her, Tom remains loyal to both of his friends throughout the finale, putting their safety first. Tom sacrifices himself for Marco, brings Marco's souless body back to Star, comforts ,and hugs Star when things look bleakest,suggests keeping them both safe in the underworld, and even comes back to help Star in anyw ay he can when she goes off the face Meteora alone. Tom hugs both Star and Marco by the end, happy that both of his best friends are alive and well.

In Sad Teen Hotline, Tom decides to end his relationship with Star due to their differences, and does not even want to be friends with Star anymore. He is unable to leave due to an interference with the portals and is forced to stay with Star on her journey back to Mewni. By the end of the episode, he considers her a friend again.

In Jannanagans, he is completely fine with Marco having a relationship with Star.

Tom and Star sharing a comforting hug during the battle against Meteora in "Conquer".

Popularity in the Fandom[edit | edit source]

It is still a popular ship. Many now consider it their second favorite ship.

Daron released a clip of the Silver Bell Ball which has given this pairing much more attention in the fandom then it did previously. Many Starco shippers became outraged, saying that they would "give up on the show" if TomStar were to happen. The episode itself, "Club Snubbed", in which the clip is from, increasingly gave the ship more recognition and support throughout the fandom.

After the release of the new episodes such as "Democisim" and "Club Snubbed", lots of Starco shippers have, switched to TomStar, or started supporting it as a "second favorite ship". The chemistry that has been presented between Star and Tom is actually more well-liked and accepted then Jarco's within the fandom, and the ship itself seems to have become more liked ever since it got attention in the show.

Canon Probability[edit | edit source]

After their break up, Star was not interested in Tom again. But after the episode "Club Snubbed", things changed a lot. The two started dating in "Demoncism", when Star stood by Tom's side in the very painful process of trying to get rid of his demons. They became officially canon in "Lint Catcher", when Star replies with a yes upon Marco's questioning. It is likely that Star started dating Tom again when she saw how much Tom had improved and how much he was willing to change for himself and not for her.

According to "Star and Marco's Guide To Mastering Every Dimension", Star and Tom's families, The Lucitors and The Butterflys are allies and potentially friends. Both kingdoms have known each other for a very long time, according to past entries in the book of spells.

Current Director, Sabrina Cotugno, has stated that Tom has something of a "Mewman Passing Privilege" in order to be allowed to date or even have any kind of relationship with Star. That Moon wouldn't have approved of him dating her or being associated with her if he was identified as a monster or more then likely...would have tampered with the bloodline. This ask, however, was answered before s3 aired, and with the reveal of Tom's parents in the clip, it seems as if this was a subtle way of trying not to spoil Tom being revealed as a mixed being. Her mentioning Tom being seen as a Monster/Mewman race, makes much more sense after seeing his folks, and leans more towards King Lucitor being a Mewman. If Tom is considered to be half-mewman, next to his position in power and wealth, his chances of dating Star and being a suitable match to her while being approved of by the prejudice Butterfly family are far greater then others (The only thing in his way really being his relationship with Star as a whole). Because of this, it could be implied Star and Tom were set up, as Star even mentions in the book that she and Tom feel pressured to be together sometimes, but there's not enough evidence to say for sure that their parents had any intention for them to marry.

In “Monster Bash”, Star and Tom have a very realistic couple spat for a moment. But due to their growth as a couple, they also recover from it and easily make amends by the end of it. Tom apologizes for his behavior and helps cheer Star up, and Star isn't even angry with him and thankful for his support and help. Tom will probably continue to work on himself in the future and get more involved in Star's cause after these events. They are portrayed as a very real relationship within the show, and their development as characters show in this episode as they don't let Tom's anger ruin their relationship and are understanding towards each other.

In “Is Another Mystery“, Tom treats their relationship as a good sign that someday mewmans and monsters will be allowed to work things out between them and come together like they did.

In “Divide/Conquer“, Tom shows his loyalty to both Star and Marco as he puts their safety first over any hurt feelings he might've have about Marco and Star Kissing. Star and Marco in return, both confine in Tom, as Tom motivates Marco to keep going. Showing no matter what, the three of them are very close and that if star and Tom break up they'll all continue to be good friends in the future.

Despite their second breakup in “Sad Teen Hotline”, Tom and Star have since been shown to still be friendly.

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star getting her horns.

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10 photos taken before disaster.

Star and Tom meeting eachother at the Silver Bell Ball

Star and Tom at Lava Lake.

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