This is a pairing between Rhombulus (The Time-Out Guy) and Lekmet (The High Chancellor of the Magic High Commission).

History[edit | edit source]

Rhombulus and Lekmet are both members of the Magical high commission and are roommates. In the episode "Crystal Clear" it is shown that Rhombulus serves as Lekmet's caretaker as well as his translator.

Popularity in the fandom[edit | edit source]

This ship is not particularly popular within the fandom, although there have been a few examples of fan art online.

Canon probability[edit | edit source]

The canon probability is currently 0%, due to the fact that Lekmet and Rhombulus is dead. In the episode "Page Turner" Rhombulus protects Lekmet as Glossaryck breaks out of his crystal.

Rhombulus and Lekmet live together and Rhombulus has proclaimed that he does indeed love Lekmet (although this could be seen as platonic to some), in the episode "Crystal Clear". It's also revealed that Rhombulus is the only one who understands what Lekmet says.

A storyboard artist confirmed the ship by stating "Sorry, sorry–I was just messing around with that whole Love is Forbidden thing! Rhombulus and Lekmet are totally live-in boyfriends with some communication issues to address.", on their tumblr account in response to a question. However it is not known whether or not their confirming of it makes the ship officially canon.

The relationship is now ended with Lekmet's death in "Starcrushed".

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