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Ravenpoo is the romantic pairing between Talon Raventalon and Hekapoo.

Cannon Probability Edit

The ship stems from the relationship between Talon Raventalon and Hekapoo. Mainly, their relationship consists of Talon doing jobs for Hekapoo. Talon took Marco's place as Hekapoo's co-worker (or something like that). When Marco was Hekapoo's assistant, many people in the fandom shipped them because of the closeness they shared through this relationship. Now that Talon has filled that position, especially due to the fact that Hekapoo hires him for his striength and capability, there seems to be an opportunity for a romantic relationship between them. In the episode Divide when Marco states Hekapoo has a crush on Talon for his body Talon says “wait what!“. Hekapoo responds with a shrug heavily implying Hekapoo does have a crush on Talon.