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Rafael Diaz and Angelica[1] Phalange[2] first met at a café in Cleveland, Ohio during high school and they were high school sweethearts. Once they were married, Angie took Rafael's last name. They are one of the only married couples in the series and have two children, a son and a daughter.

Rafael x Angie Moments[]

  • In "Star Comes to Earth", Rafael and Angie are very happy that Star Butterfly, the new foreign exchange student, will be staying with them in their home. They were also delighted for Star to create a batch of puppies, which actually shoot lasers out of their eyes.
  • In "The Other Exchange Student", Rafael and Angie along with their son are happy to see one of their former exchange students, Gustav, when he visits. They enjoyed tossing around meatballs to each other. They sang in the car together on the way to Isolation Point. And when waving goodbye to Gustav in tears, they gave a quick glance at each other. So far, this is the only episode where we see them sleeping in bed together.
  • In "Diaz Family Vacation", it was Rafael and Angie's anniversary and this is the first time we see them being romantic to each other on the show. On the couch, Angie plays with Rafael's chest hair while they were giggling to themselves. They seem to enjoy Marco's fanny pack gift as well as Star giving them a trip to her home dimension of Mewni. As Star shows them a Mewni forest, they said that they love nature. While in the Forest of Certain Death, Rafael comments on Angie's beauty. And when they were relaxing in the hot spring, they make kissy faces to each other enjoying their anniversary.
  • In "Royal Pain", even though Angie doesn't appear in it, Rafael mentions her as "the wifey" as they are about to get away as soon as King Butterfly came to visit and to keep an eye on Star and Marco.
  • In "Marco Grows a Beard", we see them coming out of their car with groceries looking at Ludo's minions and their house covered in Marco's giant beard hair created by Star with her magic.
  • In "Storm the Castle", they look at Rafael's book of medical illustrations while under a blanket. Later, they seemed to call King and Queen Butterfly via magic mirror to get help when their son has been kidnapped by Toffee. Rafael, along with Star and Marco, chases after Angie after she rides off uncontrollably on a warnicorn. Rafael even tells the warnicorn to not ride off with his wife.
  • In "Red Belt", Rafael and Angie have lunch together but soon as Star looks for a hammer, they head to the Hammer Shack to buy one for her as well as buying nails so she can hang her Love Sentence Poster.
  • In "Wand to Wand", shocked to see their house destroyed by Star's corrupted magic, Rafael and Angie still smile as they clean up and repair their home together with Star and Marco.
  • In "Camping Trip", Rafael is speed painting portraits of Angie while on a camping trip with Star and Marco. Later, they present a slideshow of paintings to them and King Butterfly.
  • In "Hungry Larry", we see Angie playing the keyboard to help Rafael with his haunted house. When that fails, Angie brings Rafael a bowl of candy corn and comforts him. Rafael faces Hungry Larry not only to save his wife but Star and Marco who he calls family.
  • In "Bon Bon the Birthday Clown", we see them excited for Marco who is about to go to the school dance with Jackie.
  • In "Raid the Cave", Star spots Rafael and Angie through the All-Seeing Eye posing their legs up as they are about to kiss.
  • In "The Bounce Lounge", Rafael and Angie are reading books together while wearing reading glasses.
  • In "Heinous", they want Marco to get Miss Heinous out in time to have dinner with their neighbors, the Morrisons. After Miss Heinous was gone, they realize they need to start paying more attention to Star and Marco. So Angie suggests cancelling dinner and having a family game night with Rafael, Star and Marco.
  • In "Starcrushed", we see them dancing to hip-hop while wearing hip-hop attire at their end-of-year school party.
  • In "Return to Mewni", part one of "The Battle for Mewni", we see them walking down stairs at 3 AM in the morning thinking that a burgular broke into their house but it turns out it was Marco snuck downstairs still sad because Star left all of sudden. They try to cheer him up. Rafael suggests calling the Teen Sadness Hotline but Angie wanted to talk to Marco about how he feels.
  • In the book "Star and Marco's Guide to Mastering Every Dimension", Star says that Rafael and Angie can usually be found cuddling on the couch but they take breaks from doing that to shower and/or eat.
  • On some occasions in their appearances, we see that Angie likes to touch Rafael's chest and hug around his arm and chest in "Star Comes to Earth", "The Other Exchange Student", "Bon Bon the Birthday Clown", and "Heinous." Even Rafael seems to touch Angie's shoulders in "Storm the Castle" and "Return to Mewni".
  • In "Marco Jr.", Angie is pregnant with a new baby. Presumably she was impregnated by Rafael.

Popularity in the Fandom[]

While not as popular as other ships, like Starco, Tomco, StarTom, or Jarco, there are still some fans who enjoy this. Much of the appeal comes from their lovey-dovey personality, just seeing the Diazes in love. Some fans have posted their own art of Rafael and Angie being close together and sometimes romantic. Already a married couple, some have brought up the idea of wanting a backstory episode of how the Diazes first met and fell in love.