The AU Butterfly Family.

About Edit

MoonToffee, also known as Moonfee, Toon, MoonToff or Moofee, is the pairing between Queen Butterfly and the villainous Toffee. It is only a fictional ship.

History Edit

There was not much known on whether this was an actual pairing or not. It obviously isn't now, as Moon is married to River.

The first interaction between the two was when Moon sliced Toffee's middle finger off, portrayed in a tapestry in the "Grandma Room" of Moon destroying Toffee.

In addition, in "Fortune Cookies", Toffee has stated indirectly that he has a history with the Butterfly family.

It is revealed in "The Battle For Mewni", that Toffee was responsible for the death of Moon's mother (Comet Butterfly). Moon makes a deal with the Queen of Darkness, Eclipsa, to take him down with a spell that won't allow him to heal himself. Both are polite when Moon enters Toffee's camp, but it's clear neither like each other and Moon has no other intention than to destroy him for good. Toffee doesn't take her threats, and Moon proceeds to use her dark spell to take him down, but instead of hitting his heart as Eclipsa told her to, she instead took out his finger. Toffee, unable to regenerate, and his army flee as Moon takes on her role as queen at a young age. In a later part of this special Toffee trades Moon his finger for Star's life after she ends up in Ludo's body with him, but Toffee doesn't hold up his end of the bargain and leaves Star to die. Moon and Marco both attack him but Toffee can regenerate fine, and he walks away and leaves them to their grief. But then Star erupts into her gold mewberty form and destroys Toffee, and Moon happily hugs her daughter again, very proud of her.

Popularity in the Fandom Edit

MoonToffee is one of the only ships that involve adult characters, and it was fairly popular among the fandom. People liked to imagine what the show would have been like had this happened. Generally, Toffee and Moon's AU daughter would still be named Star, which many refer to as Monstar. Popularity has surged in this ship since "Into the Wand", where Moon and Toffee were confirmed to have a past with each other.

The ship is mostly enjoyed in fanon (for obvious reasons), but it was much bigger before the character's true pasts were revealed. The fandom used to have their own ideas of what their relationship might have been, and the theory that they might have been friends or dated is what kept this ship going for a while.

Canon Probability Edit

This has a 0% chance of becoming canon anywhere in the future or the past- the two hated each other. Toffee murdered Moon’s mother and terrorized Mewni for his own ulterior motives. That added with Moon’s prejudice towards monsters even beforehand makes the pair nearly impossible.