Coffee is the ship name for Marco Diaz and Toffee.

Canon Probability Edit

Its probability is currently at 0% because Marco has always despised him and Toffee has only used Marco as a pawn for his plans. As of "The Battle for Mewni: Part 4: Toffee", Toffee appears to be dead, so neither Toffee nor Marco Diaz can exchange any more interactions, but it's extremely likely that Toffee will return.

List of Moffee Interactions Edit

Season 1 Edit

In "Storm the Castle", is Marco and Toffee's official first interaction with each other, Marco was kidnapped by Toffee after he had taken over Ludo's castle.

Season 3 Edit

In "Toffee", Marco punches a hole through Toffee's chest and literally steals his heart.

Popularity in the Fandom Edit

Moffee is constantly being overshadowed by the majority of the ships in the fandom. However, many fans love to make jokes about how Toffee called Marco a disappointment in "Storm the Castle", and even though it lacks popularity many famous individuals and organisations that we're extremely spectacular we're/ are unpopular and obviously this is the most superior ship in the fandom, just all these CLODS CAN'T SEE IT!

Lol jokes everyone has there opinion