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Marchos is the romantic pairing of Marco and Nachos (dragon cycle).


When Marco and Nachos are first seen in the episode “Running with Scissors”, they are seen to be close. Marco looks sad to leave her but knows she is in good care with Hekapoo. Ever since when ever they are seen together they are good companions. By naming the dragon cycle Nachos, this shows how much Marco cares for her because he loves the food nachos a lot.

Marchos Moments Edit

In the episode “Running with Scissors”, Marco kisses the top of Nacho's head. He also calls her Booboo.

In the episode “Night Life”,Marco kisses Nachos on the forehead.

Marco and Nachos

In the episode “Booth Buddies”, Marco is worried about Nachos when Star drags him into the photo booth and is concerned about Kelly driving her.

Marco happy to see Nachos

Canon ProbabilityEdit

This ship will never happen because Marco is a human and Nachos is a dragon cycle.