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Marar is the romantic pairing of Star and Marco. See Starco for more info

Warning[edit | edit source]

Macro, you're really poking the bear with a stick right now. Fuck. Off. Let us have fun!

Supporters! Please Sign Below.[edit | edit source]

1.) Wolfie

2) PrincessPonyHeadXD (#WARFORMARAR)

3.) Thebeautifullazuli (FOR DAT MARAR #WARFORMARAR)

4.) Snowflake18 (#WARFORMARAR bc y not?)

5.) theavacadogirl (#WARFORMARAR lol)

Reasoning for this Page[edit | edit source]

Macroflation, please stop removing our pages. The reason for this page is just for Starco shippers to get away from the actual Starco page if there's a lot of war and/or intensity occurring. We need a rest, and you're continually deleting our stuff. Can you please leave us alone? We want peace and serenity, and you're over here being a huge bitch and fucking everything up. Hop off our dicks, man. Let us relax a bit.

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