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Manna is the romantic pairing of Marco Diaz and Janna Ordonia. Often based on the theory that Janna has a crush on Marco. Common aliases include Janco and Jarco (the latter used less to not create confusion between this and the Jackie x Marco ship).

History & Moments[edit | edit source]

  • Janna’s first onscreen interaction with Marco lies in “Monster Arm”, where she (along with Jackie and Hope) show interest in Marco’s tentacle appendage, Janna herself stating she wants it to be her boyfriend. It is very unlikely that this is their first ever interaction, as Janna is shown in a kindergarten memory in "Freeze Day", implying that they've went to the same schools together.
  • In “Mewberty” Marco learns that Janna has Star’s spell book, to which he responds negatively. While confronting Janna about the book, she teases him, suggesting they “make some magic with it”. He brushes her off, only for her to reveal she stole his house keys and run away.
  • Later on in “Interdimensional Field Trip” Marco is told by Star to help Janna after being too nervous to save Jackie, to which Janna responds by telling Marco to “help her” while flashing a pair of fangs she’d kept hidden in her mouth, scaring him. After he frees her, she laughs at his fear while simultaneously teasing him, telling him “Relax, they aren’t fangs. Unless you want them to be.”
  • In “Sleepover”, when asked who her crush is, Janna looks at Marco, teasing him that “We all know who I have a crush on, don’t we Marco?”, before revealing it to be 18th century romantic poet John Keats, to Marco’s visible relief.
  • While hanging out with Star in “Gift of the Card”, Janna looks through and comments on the items in Marco’s wallet. When Marco gets a more secure wallet, one that requires a fingerprint to access, Janna breaks through it easily, revealing that she has his fingerprints as well as all of his personal information. This is further shown in "Naysaya", where Janna breaks into marco's locker and reveals she keep various occult items in said locker.
  • In "Bon Bon The Birthday Clown", Janna slaps Marco's butt after he ends up spilling cologne on himself, exlaiming that "It's nice."
  • In "Stump Day", Janna tells Marco that if he wanted to give her a backrub, he could've just asked.
  • In the book “Star and Marco's Guide to Mastering Every Dimension”, on Janna's page, Marco writes "She also flirts with me and makes creepy comments about calling her about my divorce.” On top of this, on page 142 in the interdimensional relationships section, Janna states that "Marco wasn't ready to date someone as fierce as me (sorry, Marco)".
  • In "Doop-Doop", Marco helps Janna take her stuff to Earth and they go to Earth together.
  • In "Cleaved", Marco tells Janna he is glad to know that they are friends, Janna then helps him escape by dropping her pulse to zero for 60 seconds.

Popularity in the Fandom[edit | edit source]

Manna can be described as a sort of “Dark Horse” ship. Enough people ship it to warrant acknowledgment, but it’s fanbase is so small that no-one ever gets in shipping wars over it. Popularity seems to be based on an episode-to-episode basis, it becoming more popular when Janna and Marco interact and becoming less so when they don’t, as opposed to a ship that is long lasting and supported regardless of in-show material

The latter half of the second season and first half of the third season is considered a downtime point for this ship, mainly due to the lack of interactions between Marco and Janna. There are quite a few theories talking about why this is, as Star and Janna are shown regularly hanging out together. Whether this lack of interaction between the two if just a coincidence or is something deeper, we will most likely not get an answer.

Probability in Canon[edit | edit source]

There has been debate as to whether Janna has a crush on Marco, simply enjoys teasing with him, or is somewhat interested in him without being a fullblown crush. Her teasing is reminiscent of her character, but she seems to enjoy teasing Marco more than anyone else (whether because she likes him or finds him easy to pick on). In the episode Sleepover, she both teases that she likes Marco and reveals that she actually has a crush on John Keats, in an episode where the main point is that feelings can change over time and in the spur of the moment, making it hard to truly lie. How Janna feels about Marco is mostly up to viewer interpretation, although the majority of people believe that Janna has a crush on him. Marco, on the other hand, has made it clear he isn't interested, at least not romantically. Due to this, the possibility of the ship becoming canon is rather low.

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