This is a list of kisses that appeared on "Star vs. the Forces of Evil". Although minor in some scenarios, a kiss is mostly considered a serious thing in terms of shipping, especially in the context of SVTFOE, and serves as the confirmation of an established romantic relationship between two characters (usually associated with that character coming out with their feelings to another character). This list helps provide summarizied history on ships canonically within the show, although keep in mind not all of these incidents are done in a serious context (such as Alfonzo and Pixie Empress in "Pixtopia" or normal relationships between two already established characters like Rafael and Angie Diaz).

List of Kisses Edit

  • "Diaz Family Vacation": Rafael and Angie make kissy faces in the hot spring.
  • "Pixtopia": Alfonzo and Pixie Empress kiss at their wedding.
  • "Star on Wheels": Marco kisses his bike tire.
  • “Bon Bon the Birthday Clown”: Marco and Jackie kiss, although it is cut short by the appearance of the Blood Moon.
  • "Raid the Cave": Rafael and Angie kiss when Star spies on them through the All Seeing Eye
  • "Just Friends: Marco and Jackie kiss at the Love Sentence concert.
  • "Face the Music" Moon kisses River on the cheek.
  • "Starcrushed": Jackie kisses Marco on the cheek.
  • ”Lava Lake Beach”: Tom and Star share a brief kiss.
  • "Monster Bash": Star gives Tom little kisses on his cheek.
  • "Booth Buddies": Foolduke and Ruberiot kiss at their wedding.
  • "Booth Buddies": Marco pulls Star into a sweet kiss.