This ship is the romantic pairing of Larry Kelpbottom and Flying Princess Ponyhead. 

Ponyhead x Larry MomentsEdit

In “Club Snubbed”, Ponyhead admits to Star that she has a crush on Larry. She ignores him so that he will like her more, and her strategy works, as Larry comes up to her and tries to smell her hair. Ponyhead club snubs him for most of the night.

Larry Kelpbottom appears to be upset when he sees Pony dance with someone other than him. During the end of that episode, Pony says she has set an all-time club snubbing record.

Canon Probablity Edit

Since both Pony and Larry are of some royalty and both live on Mewni, this ship could be a possiblity.

S3E10 Star and Pony Head look at Larry Kelpbottom

Despite this, the ship seems fairly unlikely because Ponyhead is too good for Larry.