Kelby is the romantic pairing of Kelly and Jorby. Kelly and Jorby seem to have known each other for a while, and enjoy each others company.

Kelby MomentsEdit

  • During Starcrushed, Kelly and Jorby are seen sparring with each other in a different dimension
  • When Star calls Kelly she calls timeout and the two fist bump
  • In Lava Lake Beach, Jorby tries to fight Marco, as he is jealous because he thinks that Marco is Kelly's new sparring partner
  • In Divide, Kelly is often seen with Jorby (she sharpens her sword on his teeth, and rides around on him a lot)
  • In Divide Jorby loses his soul during battle, and Kelly is devestated by this

Canon ProbabilityEdit

Due to the fact that they are not of the same species, and that Jorby has his own girlfriend (a goose), this relationship is unlikely but still possible.