Other ship names- Janiel

Person 1- Daniel

Person 2- Jolly

Canon possibly- 100%

First moment- In "Crash Landing" Daniel amost looked lovestruck when he was looking at Jolly.

Latest moment- Jolly and Daniel were holding hands as they walked into the light.


Dolly/janiel is the romantic parring of Jolly and Daniel! In the crossover/fanfic, basically it was a crossover between SVTFOE & OOTW! In out of this world!, Jolly was posing as the BFF/FES of Daniel Lee(cough cough Marco Diaz cough cough) and in the 2nd season Daniel got a girlfriend named Emma! (Cough cough Jackie Lynn Thomas cough cough) but in the the 3rd she unfortunately had to dump him!, I mean you don't want to date a blood moon princess, cus she's gonna become queen someday! And in depression of Emma dumping him he sits at home in his room eating ice-cream tubes!, Jolly comes in and feels sorry for him!, And tries to cheer him up!, And makes a joke about how the tickle monster is going to attack!, And tickles him!, And that seems to work!, the next morning- he's eating breakfast with a smile on his face! And his mom asks him what changed his mind about being depressed?, And he replies jolly gave me one of those tickle monster attacks! And his mom says o, yeah those aways make me feel better! Later that afternoon- Daniel and Lizzy are taking., And Lizzy says I see the way you look at her! And Daniel is confused by this comment., So he says WHAT? And Lizzy replies you know the way you look at jolly it's special! And Daniel is completely stunned by this comment and says WHAT! NOOOO! ME AND JOLLY ARE JUST FRIENDS! And Lizzy tells him all about it! Season 3 episode 7 -so many stars but only one moon- Daniel and Jolly are at a concert that Lizzy invited them to!, Daniel says Jolly I- but is stopped by jolly looking the other way!, For a few seconds Daniel is trying to get Jolly's attention!, And she finally says OKAY OKAY I'm listening! And Daniel tells her how he feels and they lean in for a kiss but of course ROBOTS! And Jolly turns her head in frustration and says WE ARE IN THE MIDDLE OF SOMETHING!!! And the robots say o, sorry we'll c- and Jolly blast them!, And turns back to Daniel and says now where were we? And Daniel replies I believe here! And they kiss! But then we see this!?! Emma is sitting on the blood moon saying YAY! WOOHOO! MY SHIP IS CANON!!! We still don't know?


Daniel and Jolly started out as best friends from the very first episode. With Daniel hearing something in his backyard, and he went to go see what it was, and it turned out it was Jolly. And she had accidentally gotten on a spaceship that crash her all the way to Earth. And Daniel thought that if she wore the right clothes she could easily fit in. But in early season 3 Daniel discovers that he has a crush on Jolly. And in later episodes they kiss. And finally became a couple in the series.


Dolly is Canon.