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Jantom is the romantic pairing between Janna Ordonia and Tom Lucitor.
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Popularity in the Fandom Edit

Though they've recently met in "Stump Day," this ship is incredibly popular. Ever since the hiatus after "Bon Bon the Birthday Clown," people have been looking for new material to ship, so, due to their alike personalities, they made Jantom. It's very common to see drawings of a future Jantom with a future Starco, as the two are often shipped together. Holding hands (hand and foot really) has also made them popular as they also smiled at each other (see the picture) obviously meaning they have no hard feelings against each other.

Since the episode "Sophomore Slump" there has been disagreement over much of the fandom whether Jantom or Tomkie is more likely.

In "Stump Day," it is shown that Janna and Tom have already met, and even though there wasn't much interaction between them, this ship can be considered for the future.

Canon Probability Edit

Even though they've recently met in "Stump Day", their probability is set low since not much interaction between them is seen. There is a snag on this ship since Tom is with Star at the moment and (while likely) it's hard to know if that ship is going to end. This puts the probability at a low 5-15% chance in the future.  

Janna and Tom have, however held hands (hand and foot) in 'Stump Day' whilst smiling at each other, clearly stating there are no hard feelings. Therefore giving them a good start to (if possible) making Jantom canon.  

Jantom Moments Edit

  • In "Blood Moon Ball", Janna and Jackie are both staring at Tom as he walks by.
  • In "Stump Day," Tom and Janna seem to have met each other. When Star chases the Mariachis, Janna tells Tom, "That's my girl!"
  • In "Stump Day," when everyone reached for each others hands, Janna grabbed Tom's shoe, both smiling.