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Janstar is the romantic pairing of Janna Ordonia and Star Butterfly. It's not as huge as some other pairings on the show, but lately, it has grown a decent following and has gotten more attention on the show itself.


Although Janna was introduced way back in "Mewberty", she and Star didn't properly interact until the episode "Girl's Day Out".

In "Girl's Day Out", Star gets sent to detention, where she and Janna first get to interact. She attempts to leave using her magic when Janna tells her she is the Mayor of Detention and has her help do tasks for her and her companions. One task is incomplete however, they can't watch the TV down the hall because of the remote needs batteries. This leads to Janna and Star sneaking through the school to get to Oskar so they can get batteries from him. They manage to avoid being spotted or caught and meet up with the Keyboardist, but Star gets distracted and ends up talking to Oskar for longer than expected and by the time they find batteries time is running out. Star uses her magic and they make it in just the nick of time before they get caught. Star fulfilled her duty as Mayor and could've left, but prompted to stay and watch wrestling with Janna. Star even made her a "Deputy Mayor" Badge to show they were a team.

Janna returns a few episodes later in "Sleepover", showing that she and Star have become close since their last episode and that she's become one of Star's best friends.

Janna and Star hang out again in "Hungry Larry", where they summon a monster to make the Diaz Residence scary (despite being told no by Marco).

Star and Janna, not learning their lesson after the last time, head to the cemetery on the night of the school dance in "Bon Bon The Birthday Clown", to see an undead clown rise up from the grave. Janna notices Star's discomfort and worry about Marco throughout the whole ordeal and tried to help her get her mind off the situation. When Ludo attacks the girls, she helps fight off the rats and helps stop Star from being sucked into the black hole she created.

Star ditches Marco and leaves him with Ruberiot in "Face The Music", to go hang out with Janna instead, spending 8 hours together.

Star calls Janna for support in "Starcrushed", and Janna immediately comes to her aid. She is very supportive and understanding to Star's crush, and helps to get her mind off it by taking Star to another party and cheering on for her to hang out with Oskar so she can take her mind off her crush on Marco.

In "Rest in Pudding," Star calls Janna twice for help in the middle of the night (day on Earth) for help.

In "Deep Dive", Star calls Janna to help her with her sleep portaling problem. Janna manages to make her sleep, and she and Marco find out where Star has been trying to go in her sleep. When Star escapes back to earth, she rescues Janna from falling, and they both end the episode hypnotizing Marco.

Janna shows up for Star's Surprise Party in "Stump Day", and when Star starts destroying everything she comments "That's my girl" to Tom.

Popularity in Fandom[]

Janstar actually existed way before season 2 after Janna was introduced. Svstfoe Fanartist, Spatziline, drew a lot of fan art of them as a couple, which is most likely when the ship first started. Like Tomco however, it didn't have much to go on until season 2 when the girls finally got to interact.

Canon Probability[]

Eden (Star's Va), was, in fact, the one who wanted Star to give Janna a nickname, "Janna Banana" was entirely her idea.

According to the book "Star and Marco's Guide To Mastering Every Dimension", Janna and Star meet in Marco's closet almost every night.

Some crew members, are suspicious the people who were working on "Mathmagic", were intentionally writing Janna to be flirting with Star.

Although sexuality of the characters will unlikely ever be discussed in the show, crew members who've been asked about Janstar have said they consider Janna to be pretty gay, even if they don't ship Janstar.

Janna's facial expressions when Star was talking to Oskar in "Girl's Day Out", and some of her facial reactions to Star obsessing over Marco in "Bon Bon The Birthday Clown", seemed to imply she didn't like her talking about boys. This makes the fandom wonder if she has a crush on Star.