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Janckie is the pairing of Janna and Jackie Lynn Thomas.

History Edit

Janna and Jackie, as shown in the episode "Freeze Day", have been close friends since kindergarten. Even though the two of them aren't shown on screen together very often, they still worry about each other when they do so. Something that also contributes to the ship, is that they are complete opposites, physically and psychologically. While Janna has a very squared and not very feminine face, Jackie's is round and delicate. Jackie is very laid-back and Janna is practically a dark witch. Janna always wears darker shades, while Jackie's entire outfit is light, etc.

JannaLynn Moments Edit

  • In the episode "Blood Moon Ball", they are shown riding Jackie's skateboard together.
  • In "Freeze Day", when they are seen always together in Marco's memories
  • In "Bon Bon the Birthday Clown", when Janna looks a little angry when Jackie enters Marco's living room, so she tries to hide it by looking away
  • In "Bon Bon the Birthday Clown", when Jackie runs to save Janna from Ludo's rats.
  • In "Starcrushed" Janna is seen glancing worriedly at Jackie after Star admits to her crush on Marco.

Probability in Canon Edit

JannaLynn is one of the less probable ships in the series. Not because of the characters involved in it, but because Jackie and Janna haven't had a lot of interaction onscreen to build up a romance.

One of the crew members on the show has admitted to shipping them.