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Elipstar is the romantic pairing of Eclipsa and Star.

Starclipsa Moments Edit

  • In "Stranger Danger", Star and Eclipsa have an engaging conversation with each other. Eclipsa helps her deal with Glossaryk and Star calls her a "nice lady".
  • In the same episode, Star advocates for her freedom and a fair trial
  • Again, in "Stranger Danger", Star visits Eclipsa alone in her room and enjoys the view of her flower.
  • In "Lint Catcher", Star vents her frustrations to Eclipsa regarding Marco and then thanks her for sharing the "popcorn".
  • In "Sweet Dreams", Eclipsa encourages Star to continue morphing into butterfly form.

Canon Probability Edit

Eclipsa and Star are seen to have a close relationship to the extent that Star talks to Eclipsa when she was dealing with Marco's abrupt return to Mewni. Eclipsa also gives Star advice when Star tells Eclipsa that she was sleep portaling. In the episode “Butterfly Trap”, Star also seems disappointed to learn that Eclipsa is not actually related to her and she's not her ninth great-grandmother. Although, the probability would be at 0% because Eclipsa was married to a monster and Star is too young to be with Eclipsa.