Darksun is the pairing of Marco Diaz and Eclipsa Butterfly.

About Edit

This is the romantic pairing of Marco Diaz and Eclipsa Butterfly. The name is tied to the characters; For Eclipsa it is the solar eclipse where the moon blocks out the sun. Making it look like a black sun. For Marco Diaz, in the Latin culture, the word Sun in Spanish is Sol. So it can be viewed as this. The moon and sun becoming one, Darksun.

Popularity in the Fandom Edit

While it may seem odd to pair these two, there does seem to be something of their characters that would be found appealing to some viewers of the show. Fans of Marco's Harem/Marem also enjoy finding more characters to pair up with Marco.

Canon Probability Edit

The canon probability of this ship is less than 1% due to the fact that there is not that much interaction between them. and due to earth's concept of an age gap.

(Granted, Marco did age Hekapoo's dimension. while still looking like a teenager anywhere else.)