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• 11/19/2018

Marco's ballad : petition

Here is the song I personally created. If you want to help me create this song for real, sign in the comments. I did changes who are with season 3 and personal changes who I think would have been better. If you have any questions, ask them.

 The ballad of Marco Diaz

Who is the guy with the brownish hair?

Who sleeps on soft beds and dances on magic waves

With tears made of cheese and a heart full of safeness

Whose infinite gains are known near and far

It's Earth’s own sweetheart, our dear Princess Marco


And under the dress and makeup and petticoats

Lies hidden a strong and extreme boy

The forces of evil that roam in the school

Will kneel in fear when this dark luminary...



Weaving weapons like a born soldier

And destroys damages like a safe disaster

He rocks his dimensional scissors and karate

He is going to earn his status, so hail to the princ-ee-e-ss-s!


'Cause he's a rebel princess, he's the best

He’s a ball of fire in a large purple dress

He’s a storm roaring through the stars

He’s our dark luminary, and he's lighting up the night!





[slow, heavy beat]


Dark luminary shine in the night so bright

He started to attract a pair of envious eyes

The villain rose up from behind the jester's cross

He drove him away but didn't know what he had lost


Star and her wand

How could he know Toffee would take 'em for himself?

He confessed to Star’s parents, all full of dread

The King and Queen exchanged a look, and this is what they said

This is what they said, this is what they said:


"We will keep your silence for you

From the citizens of Mewni and the High Commission too

To keep the peace, we will play the game

Royal secret from royal shame

Royal secret from royal shame"


Royal secret – one last to tell

A princess under true love's spell


[upbeat rock beat]


Who is the girl in the mewnian attire?

The princess of the princess's deepest desire

I don't need to show it, I think we all know it

But just to be certain, I'll say it again


Marco Diaz is in love with her best friend!

[quickly] And her name is Star Butterfly.


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• 11/10/2018

Stop the harassing!

Since I've been on this wiki, I've saw a lot of harassing. Can we talk about that, or will I be harass too? People who do that, stop harassing people for their opinions! I saw that all of the people who do that are anonymous! If you want to insult somoene, do with your real name! If you are agreeing with want I'm saying, comment! I wanna know your opinions!

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• 11/8/2018

I might adopt this wiki

I’ve been on this wiki for a while and I’ve been wanting to adopt it. Additionally the only admin and bureaucrat, Sparkletopia, is inactive. If someone wants to adopt too we can discuss it.

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• 10/3/2018

This is a cringe.

Sup... Hi @nheson13

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• 4/7/2018


The Svtfoe S3F wasn't so bad. I did screech when the thing ended on a CH (As usually). You think Tomstar is still canon in S4? And someone (If you have info) tell me when S4 is coming out. On the WIKI for S4 it says TBA (To be announced) so idk.
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• 2/13/2018

Everythings that got me to quit Svtfoe in SS3.

This is just a personal opinion and I tried to be honest as much as possible, if you disagree feel free to said why. So let begin(damn i am going to die after finishing this, also noted that everything here reflect on what i observed from the show)

SS1) Ok so let start from the root where the show just came out, and Disney is still over watching it. What got you to watch SS1 in the 1st place, when you first look at it? ,Svtfoe isn’t any different from a normal cartoon with a normal plot which is ez to get , Star is this magical princess that is just crazy, and bubbly, she come to Earth knowing nothing about it and well let just said the unlucky guy who is Marco was the first to met her and the one that had to deal with her “star-ness”. She declares herself his friends ,while Marco try to get away from her as fast and as far as possible who wouldn’t XD,too bad she is moving in with him :P . Later Star and Marco got a deep moment of understanding about how Star didn’t had a choice about coming here, and how Marco also don’t had a choice about having to deal with her,that when Marco start to open up to her, then after a monster fight for some reason he actually wanted her to stay that when Star give him their first hug. Good story from the start and that when the “Starco” shipping begin for me, so Starco as you may call it, it the main reason why i got sucked into this series. And throughout the rest of the season we just got more little moment between them,also with the story about Marco guiding Star on Earth,there are even time when they didn’t get along and question eachother but in the end they still are bestfriends.Awwww good old time but every good thing had to come to and end right?

SS2)Well nothing much to said about this one, the entire season was based around Drama and how Star realize her feeling for Marco only for him to date Jackie. Marco been crushing on Jackie for a long longggg time, so there is no surprise that if Starco were to happen one of the two,either Marco or Star had to lose each other for them to admit their feeling OR the creator can just NOT do Starco and let them be friends with their own crushes if they didn’t like the idea. But that isn’t the case here is it?, like I pointed out above main reason the show was so good was because of the Bond between Star and Marco, so if they follow the “just friends” idea it would just be funny ,cause they had been trying so hard since SS1 to tell us that this two share a really fond bond that made “everybody” had to ship them. But there are still confusing things in SS2 that just made little sense, for example after the “Sleepover” episodes, it hinted that Star had feeling for Marco already, and is jealous when he gives his attention to Jackie, and then we had “BonBon” where Marco was invited to a dance by Jackie herself that was unexpecting(look like someone got their eyes on him)but Marco already had a date that Star but when he asked if she was Ok with it and she said yes easily, welcoming him to go, only when she sees the look those 2 give each other did

Star become depressed all night weirdddddddddddddddddd if she already had a thing for Marco and doesn’t Jackie near him why act sooooooo like this(out of place).

There is also that time in “JustFriends” when she invites Jackie to a concert which at first only had her and Marco just to turn herself into the 3rd wheel? I don’t know if this is naive or the writers just wanted someone to get heartbroken in the most obvious, stupidest way possible(who would invite their love rival to a party that had just you and the one you like????). After that blahblahblah we got to Starcrushed when she admits her feeling then left blahblahblah BFM then Marco chases after her to help then blahblahblah SS3.

I would also try to ignore the fact that Star smile(rather disturbing) while melting Toffee alive in “Toffee”. Is this still a kid show?in SS2?hard to tell. Oh and Marco cry and punch a literally “hole” through Toffee when he thinks Star is gone. Starco?nah “friend” do this toooo -Don’t you mean friends in life-………….. SS3)The end is here, so let start where the creator left us. Toffee was defeated(destroyed) and Marco spend some of his summer with Star on Mewni and they never talked about the crush-thing, but judging by “ScentofaHoodie” they had good time hanging around each other even with Star is crush on him, then there was a temporary goodbye in which this 2 dork take forever to said goodbye, and Star go crazy missing him and become “in love” with his hoodie when Marco just left for like 5sec,then with Ponyhead coming right over after she heard everything that had happened(-but she had to get her hair done first-WHAT a true friends)and convince Star she doesn’t need his hoodie cause he will always be in her heart and Star herself know this.AWWWWWWWWWW well enjoy the feel buddy this is the last Starco moment you get. And based by the frown and sigh on Marco face when he leaves Star and smell his Star scented hoodie , i thought that he had at the very least figured out some of his feeling for Star and question if dating Jackie with all of this is the right thing to do. And here come the game changer:
1)Jackie confronted Marco about Star and he is still able to said that she is just his friends -_- you disapoint me man, this is a really a dick move, Marco you still try to date her even when you had feeling for someone else , you act like you are hurt and that you loved Jackie but I don’t see any of it when you are always with Star.

2)After the breakup Marco instantly go back to Mewni to see Star(yeah you love Jackie alright -_-). Now let take look at Star, ok 1 episodes you were in love with Marco the next you had feeling for Tom okkkkkkkkk, then they dated okkkkkk that was fast.(WHO THE F*** WRITE THIS)

3)Marco united with Star in “LintCatcher” for her to said Star:“Oh Marco…….is so nice to see you….what are you doing here” :O :O :O………………..the way she said it, so Marco is like a stranger to her now, then Star parent was like confused about him coming back WTF?why would you think he will never came back?WTF, then there is a fact about Mewman being assholes let see:River give Marco a meat blanket which he treasures so much(clap clap well done), he also lies to Marco about letting him being a knight, and the knight of Mewniiiiii were being a bunch of retards that think highly of them self (yet those sissy lose and surrendered to a mutant bird and his RAT army)

4)The show also bring up that it had been weeks off-screen since the last time Star and Marco seen each other, so they kill all contact between the two out of the blue, and just let them forget about each other simple(FACEPALM) 5)In lavalake there just more sour taste throw into the viewer:Star give Tom one of Marco hoodie,she also call Tom her mess up twin awwwww I see what the writer are doing here, is like Star and the show is replacing or projecting Marco (GOOD WRITING? DO I NEED TO HIT YOU WITH A WATER BUCKET), also based on how this new “Star” of SS3 act she also forgot about Marco birthday, he never celebrated it. So SS3 new version of Star is callous and shallow, while Marco being not really like able is being bash to the ground. And that’s a rap.being not really likeable is being bash to the ground.And that's a rap.
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• 11/20/2017

Wiki Staff

Does anyone know who the staff is, and if there is a process to join (because I'd like to), or do you have to wait until an election or something. Thanks.
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• 9/22/2017


So, I was thinking about adopting this wiki. If anyone else want to do it, feel free to comment here and let me know.
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• 8/11/2017

Rafael x Angie Week

On my blog (

I am starting Rafael x Angie week.

Here is the proposed schedule for Rafael x Angie Week.

Monday - August 21st - First Meeting

Only one rule. Angie and Rafael have only met at a cafe in Cleveland, Ohio according to Star and Marco’s Guide to Mastering Every Dimension. So you can do whatever you want as long as it’s at a cafe in Cleveland, Ohio.

Tuesday - August 22nd - Teenagers

From them by the lockers, in the classroom, or at home. Maybe you can do some stuff related to one of our themes “Date Night” in any scenario. At a restaurant, at the park, or at a school dance. Homecoming/Prom is highly recommended.
Possibilities are endless for them as teenagers but maybe you can do them on their first date or them as “high school sweethearts” (boyfriend/girlfriend).

Wednesday - August 23rd - Kiss

Marco’s parents are very passionate when they kiss. Maybe you can do them cuddling too (which was one of our themes/topics). Keep it SFW. Anything you want to from first kiss to a just a normal lovey-dovey kiss, a date night kiss, or maybe even one after Rafael proposes to Angie.
For Fun: I would be happy if Angie was kissing the sheep patterns on Rafael’s pajamas.

Thursday - August 24th - Wedding/Honeymoon

I always want to see what their wedding is like but what about their honeymoon. How about a Mexican themed wedding in Hawaii? Maybe. You can do any kind of wedding as long as Rafael’s in Mexican clothing. Maybe it doesn’t have to be the wedding. You can also do them relaxing in their honeymoon suite or enjoying various honeymoon activities. (while wearing flower pattern shirts). Maybe they can have a Beach Day for their honeymoon. Who knows?
Rule: You must show their wedding rings.

Friday - August 25th - Pregnant Angie/Marco’s Born

The happy couple celebrates the day that Angie is pregnant. You can either do them celebrating together, throwing a baby shower. For another choice, you can do Rafael and Angie at a hospital bed holding their newborn son.
I recommend the day Marco being born on November 28, 1999. (It will be better if he was born at 12:00 midnight right on the dot.)

Saturday - August 26th - When Kids Aren’t Home

When Star and Marco are off together, maybe dimension hopping or fighting monsters, we wonder what do Rafael and Angie do when we aren’t looking. Keep it SFW. Maybe you could include them having a date night, painting portraits cuddling (chest hair included), dancing romantically together. You can do anything you want.

Sunday - August 27th - Dia de los Muertos

To close off the weekend, Rafael and Angie celebrate a holiday that is important to Rafael. Either in high school or married already, they celebrate the colorful, festive, and lively traditions of the Day of the Dead. Star and Marco can be included too.

The confirmed schedule may vary, but let’s enjoy seeing our favorite TV married couple getting their own weekend.
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• 7/5/2017

anyone else even mildly ship tom/oskar??

I am in rarepair HELL because i have only found one other person that thinks tom/oskar could end up being cute. like
i believe oskar is bi/pan because there's one point when he's singing in the mewberty episode where he emphasizes "i don't like YOUR boyfriend mom" and its like
god just imagine tom/oskar
oskar writing him songs and they go to concerts together and talk about the universe it would be so damn cute
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• 3/1/2017

Do you think Jarco/Mackie or Starco/Marar will happen?

So, after season 2's finale, what is your opinion on relationships in season 3? Who do you guys think Marco will end up with, and/or who do you want him to end up with? I am really excited to find this out as well as what will happen with Toffee. ;)
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• 12/2/2016
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